October 10, 2008

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As indicated by its title, this program is a collection of a variety of matters.  First, Gary and Chris discuss Yahshua’s words that money will fail, noting, very importantly, what Gospel it is in—revealing the time of its fulfillment.  Next, Gary explains the extraordinary practice that Yahweh repeats in flipping things, going all the way back to the Garden, and the dramatic consequence of this today.  They then move to the highly revealing testimony of the scarlet/purple robe that was placed upon Yahshua, examining each Gospel for its unique message.  You will see what the scarlet and purple represent, and how this relates to mystery Babylon and the beast she sits upon.  Gary then relates the clear miracle and incredible account where Yahweh told him to fish on the other side.  This relates specifically to the church and the flip.  And finally, he explains what it means for a prophet to come like Moses who will restore all things.  This is truly amazing information!

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