Kissing, Lips, and Attesting Glory, 2

February 4, 2009

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This is part two in the coverage of items in a writing by the same title that will be out soon.  In this segment, Gary addresses a MOST revealing testimony from the life of Yahshua, confirming Paul’s teachings regarding headcoverings.  In fact, Yahshua actually wore a “headcovering” Himself, and it was not a cloth garment!  Gary also examines the amazing testimony revealed in the difference of hair length between a woman’s birth area and a man’s beard, confirming why birth through Mary produced Yahshua, but birth through the man will bring Immanuel.  You will also see why Isaiah went naked for three years, and what this has to do with Christianity.  There are still two other matters discussed—Rizpah/rizpah and a matter Chris has been wondering about.

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